Formal Events

MARTY'S is the right place for all of your formal events.


It's the most important day of your life. Don't go to McTux.....Leave it to MARTY'S, a family business, to make sure that you look and feel terrific. Our consultants will see to it that you make the best selection. Our on-site tailor will make sure that you and each of your attendants gets the personalized attention deserved—and to make it even better, the groom's tuxedo is our gift.


We've got a killer prom special going on right now. You can't afford to say no!

Or you can enter to win a prom tuxedo rental.


Photo courtesy of Senor Codo

Simple black tuxedos or cadet uniforms are all available at MARTY'S. If you want the guys and gals to match, choose from thousands of accessory colors. Bring your color swatch when you come to make your selection. We will find the perfect match! Check out some of our styles


Photo courtesy of williamcho

Don't rent on board the ship! What if the fit is wrong? We'll send you on your excursion, confident that the fit is just right. MARTY'S has special cruise rates, and we'll supply extra accessories—maybe you can wear it again! Bon Voyage!